Underwear Styles for Every Woman

As a woman, panties are an essential item in our top drawer and here at Frederick’s, there is no such thing as a boring panty. Whether you wear the same style of panty every day or like to spice it up, we’re here to let you know how you can wear a different style of panty each day of the week. Feeling sexy and empowered when you get ready every morning is a must, that’s why knowing the benefits of different fabrications and cuts of panties is on a need-to-know basis, so you can know the exact style of panty to slip on for every occasion.

what are the different fabrics used in women’s underwear?

There are six common fabrics we use in women’s underwear, some are for your everyday wear and others for an ultra-sexy appeal after a big day in the office.


Cotton underwear is made from a soft microfibre and is a common fabric used in everyday clothing which makes them the perfect everyday panty, made for comfort and breathability 


Lace panties are delicate and feminine and a classically sexy style. Typically made with blended stretch materials, lace panties never go out of style. 

Stretch Satin 

Stretch satin fabrication gives a smooth and shiny effect whilst being very comfortable. They provide a level of luxury without the fuss of satin or silk. 

Sheer fabrics 

Usually made from nylon or spandex, sheer panties are a popular look for all women, and those who love to shop for them. 

Vegan Leather 

Vegan leather or PU panties look and feel shiny and sexy, a perfect ultra-sexy piece where you can really shine. 

Performance fabrics 

Made from synthetic fibers for activewear or shapewear, these are technical fabrics that have a job to do.

There are of course many other materials that can be used for making lingerie, but these are our favorites for Frederick’s styles and designs.

panty styles explained

Just like booties, panties come in many different shapes and sizes.

Types of panties


Thongs are a style of underwear that has a small triangle shaped back with a bigger surface at the front and a strip of fabric that connects the two. The thong's cheeky design has minimal check coverage allowing you to show off that booty of yours. It is the perfect everyday panty as they are particularly helpful in reducing panty lines and are considered comfortable and stylish. Women tend to wear them under skirts, leggings, tight dresses, and more as they are the most discreet panty. 

Cotton thongs are a popular type of thong that provides coverage and comfort, like our Kelly Cotton thong, while the Ariel Lace Thong is an all-over lace style and your perfect flirty alternative.


Tanga underwear are another cheeky cut, much like the thong. Tangas are an evolved panty that is a combination of a thong and a brazilian brief. Tangas offer more coverage than a thong for a G-string but less than a bikini cut. This makes tangas a suitable style for every day, occasion or outfit. They are commonly worn under pants, dresses and skirts. 

The high cut shape in our Jessica Lace Tanga creates a seamless figure as it doesn’t bring attention to your hips.


The most cheeky panty of them all, the G-string. Leaving very little to the imagination, this style of panty is constructed with a micro triangle face at the front and a thin string at the back making up most of this delightful cut. G-strings are the ideal style under tight skirts and dresses or skimpy outfits and come in many matching lingerie and corset sets like the Sophia Corset and Panty Set. Leave even less to the imagination when you try a skimpy micro g-string! Surprise your loved one with one of our best selling mini G-strings that come in multiple colors, ready for any occasion you invite them to.


The bikini cut is similar to a brief but with a little less coverage. Bikini’s come in a wide range of fabrics, such as lace, cotton and sheer/microfibre. Bikini cut panties are typically a low rise cut with high leg openings, a classic shape taken from swimwear. After the bikini cut was adapted into a panty style it was popularised in the 1960s and maintains its fashionable status in the world of underwear. This versatile panty can be worn to the gym, in the bedroom, under jeans, and is flattering without riding up or bunching. 


Boy shorts or boy legs are known for their ultimate comfort and wearability. Based on the men’s boxer brief, the boy short typically has a wider band and sits low on the hip, as well as a lower-cut leg. They are made to be worn with loungewear, high rise pants or with a flirty and flowing skirt.


A truly classic cut when it comes to panties, briefs offer a fuller coverage and are still naughty enough for your needs. Midi briefs have a slightly higher waist and full coverage at the back, but that doesn’t mean boring here at Fredericks. Briefs are made to wear with low to high rise pants and are made for comfort in a range of cotton, microfiber and nylon fabrics. 

crotchless panties

Have you got a wild side? Then these naughty knickers are made for you. Crotchless panties are a sexy way to mix up your underwear, with an opening where the crotch piece typically is. Available in a range of styles, from hidden crotchless to ouvert, crotchless panties are the perfect addition to your top drawer. You can spice up your everyday outfits knowing you’re wearing a crotchless panty that will keep you feeling stimulated all day. However, they are also a hit in the bedroom as there is no need to take them off. 

shapewear panties

Want some smoothing shapewear to go with your smooth moves? Shaping panties are a part of our shapewear collection, designed to smooth, enhance and support every curve. Wear the Hollywood Sculpting Thigh Panty with a tight dress, slinky skirt, or high-rise clothing to smooth and create long lean lines. The Hollywood Shaping High Waist Panty is similar to a boy short cut, as the legs come further down the thigh to shape those curves. Explore the rest of the Shapewear range, your next best-kept shapewear secret.

how to find the right size panties

If you visit our size guide and refer to the ‘Intimate Apparel Measurement Guide’ you will find your correct size for the perfect fitting panty. 

Typically follow the size you wear in clothing bottoms or swimwear. In skimpier styles or styles with strings, some women prefer to size up for added comfort. Check the material of the panty as most of our styles offer stretch. 

It’s worth noting, however, that materials like stretch satin offer a little less stretch than, say, all-over stretch lace. If you are looking for a gift, read our guide on shopping for lingerie for a partner and bag it up in our sexy gift bag.

How to care for panties and lingerie

Every woman should wear a fresh pair of panties every day (and why wouldn’t you when there are so many fun ones to choose from). Taking care of lingerie and panties will only help it to last longer and make it even easier with our sexy wash bag. Be sure to follow the washing instructions and handwash any delicates.

level up your lingerie game with fredericks

Whether you are a tanga or a crotchless panty type of woman, Fredericks offers a panty for every occasion, day and night. All panties we offer provide you with different benefits that range from comfort, easy access, stretch or sex appeal. Come and set into the Frederick’s world of panties and most importantly be a part of our next panty party!

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