Bra Style Guide

When you find the right bra, it's love at first wear. Whether you're looking for a silhouette-enhancing lift or comfortable support, there's a perfect bra for every body and bust. From lightly padded to open-cup to balconette, the right bra not only helps you look your best, but feels amazing for all-day comfort. We'll guide you through the different bras and their perks, and help you find the perfect boost for your bust.

Push Up Bras

Why We Love It
  • Our signature silhouette invented by our founder Frederick Mellinger back in 1947
  • Perfect for women with large or small breasts that want an added lift
  • Ultimate cleavage for days with support to match

Exxtreme Cleavage Bras

Why We Love It
  • The maximum cleavage effect
  • Creates a more prominent and attention-grabbing silhouette
  • Flexible padding for ideal shaping

Open Cup Bras

Why We Love It
  • Seductive peek-a-boo design
  • Unveils while offering gentle support
  • Minimalist elegance with playful edge

Plunge Bras

Why We Love It
  • Deep V for hidden coverage
  • Underwire detail maintain supports in low cut silhouettes
  • Go-to choice for special occasions