Behind the Seams: Meet Gretchen

For every piece of Frederick’s lingerie you love, there’s someone behind the scenes working hard to make sure every product, collection, & customer experience is nothing short of perfection.  

Just like our lingerie, no two members of our team are alike. From numbers-oriented analysts to our creatively driven designers and merchandisers, our team members have one thing in common: a love for lingerie.

That’s why we sat down with Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Merchandising Manager, Gretchen Greenwood.

As a lingerie pro and key member of our team, we couldn’t wait to learn more about Gretchen’s style, her signature pieces, and of course—her fondest lingerie memories.

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At Frederick’s, we know that every woman has a unique lingerie journey. Whether you’re a brand-new shopper looking for your first piece, or an experienced lingerie lover adding to your collection, we love hearing your lingerie stories. From the first time we bought a bra to countless intimate moments—lingerie and lingerie styling play an important role in our lives.

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What was the first piece of lingerie you remember buying?

The first piece of lingerie I remember buying, or my most memorable piece, is this beautiful vintage slip. It was like 1940s, 1950s, with beautiful lace trim all over lace bodice. And it had the most intricate ruffled, pleated lace and satin hemming that when you twirled it fanned out and it was just incredible. All of those details.

What are some of your favorite ways to style lingerie?

My favorite way to style lingerie is definitely layering. Lace on top of lace is always exciting and dynamic and I really enjoy layering my innerwear as outerwear and taking pieces out of the bedroom, into my life, or to a holiday party, or to whatever's going on. I think that adds a twist and it adds a sexiness to even the most modest dress. It can mix it up and create a whole new vibe.

What do you look for in lingerie?

In lingerie, I definitely look for details, and I look for quality, and I look for what's gonna work for my body. For me, that's not skin-tight, hip-hugging things. It's more beautiful bodices, and floating, and details. The lace has to be beautiful, and velvet trims and ruffles are always fun. Those elements that feel like me and that make me feel confident.

Who are some of your lingerie style icons?

One of my lingerie style icons is the implied style of Katherine Hepburn. Back in the Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn movies. She was always so confident and she was always wearing such romantic and strong outfits. You never quite saw true lingerie, but you definitely got this vibe of, like, it's gonna be strong, it's gonna be feminine, it's gonna have both of those and it's gonna feel really sexy and confident. And then of course you gotta also love Audrey Hepburn in that same era of just [being] sexy and confident, but on their own terms.

What would you say to someone who's just beginning to explore lingerie?

I would say to keep it simple, to feel sexy in your own skin. Try pushing smaller boundaries. So maybe it's that backless crotchless panty, maybe it is an everyday bra that has a breakable clasp right here. So it's like a new adventure, but it's also wearable in your everyday life and it's beautiful. So start trying new things, building your confidence. Go bolder and bolder and bolder and you know, just keep pushing that envelope but in slow steps and you'll feel more confident that way.

Which pieces of lingerie are most misunderstood?

I think for women we have a hard time with the old-fashioned garter clips, which are an elegant addition to any piece. With those you wanna hook it through your thigh-high stocking (yes, you need thigh-high— trust me), and then you put the slider through, you put the clip over it and you just slide up and it's gonna hold it there all day. But I will say for our partners, showing them how to use a breakable clasp can be very playful and very fun.

Tell me about your first time with Fredericks of Hollywood.

So my first time with Freddy, you know Frederick’s as a little girl, you see the catalogs that were around and they were playful and they were fun and you didn't know why you were getting in trouble looking at them. Or, you went to the mall and you were supposed to avert your eyes 'cause the store was a little raunchy. Right? But my most modern-day, first time with Frederick's… I would say it's trying a new bustier: a little bit sheer, a little bit shimmery mesh, very sexy and it unzipped down the back and it was a beautiful piece and made me feel confident

Which pieces or collections are your everyday go-to’s?

My go-to Frederick's collections are definitely, for everyday, the Pia Collection. She's got this beautiful shimmer mesh along with very classic everyday pieces, like a great hipster and a great side slide thong. It has a lot of playful pieces with breakable clasps and it's confidence meets sexy meets everyday (and a little less everyday). 

God, I love Harlow. Beautiful collection, incredible details, so romantic and so confidence-building.

Which pieces are your favorite for sexy occasions?

I would say the pieces that are interactive and the pieces that layer. Those pieces that when you take off a piece, it reveals another piece. Or, like I said, the breakable clasps were always incredibly fun. It just gives a sense of play to something that should be fun.

What's your favorite lingerie story?

My favorite lingerie story was back in middle school when my best friend and I decided that we needed to try out thongs for the first time. And we took it very seriously. It was very like a scientific method of trying thongs for the first time. And we got them and we were taking notes, we were comparing experiences and we decided that a thong was just less of a wedgie than a fuller, fuller coverage panty. So that was our very scientific experiment.

But on a more serious note, I think that would be trying something a little outside of my box and mixing it with some vintage, like a fluffy petticoat with a sexy panty. Or the time I tried my first real corset. Very fun.

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