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Frederick's 101: All About Push Up Bras

The push up bra: giving busts a boost since 1947. This iconic bra style has been a staple in lingerie drawers worldwide for decades. Just like no two busts are the same, no two push ups are the same. 

Finding the right push up bra for your breast shape, personal style, and overall appearance goals can be tricky. But no matter what, the right bra should look sexy, feel great, and give your bust a major lift. 

How do push up bras work?

The name “push up bra” may sound pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot that goes into making the perfect push up. You can expect just about any push up bra to provide your bust with a lift. However, many push up bras push the breasts together horizontally and add volume, as well.

For the smaller-busted babes, push up bras are the obvious solution for adding size to your cup size. However, push-up bras do wonders for even the biggest busts—providing lift, shaping, and comfort for larger breasts that require more support.

The magic of push up bras can be attributed to their luxurious padding and structured underwire. Typically, these bras include small cushions on the bottom half and outer edge of the cups. Depending on each unique bra, the shape, straps, fabrics, colors, and padding placement of your push up may vary.


The History of the push up bra

At Frederick’s of Hollywood, we consider ourselves push up pros. That’s because in 1947, our founder, Frederick Mellinger and his wife invented the first-ever push up bra. As Frederick’s became popular amongst the era’s starlets and trendsetters, so did push up bras. These padded bras became the blueprint for many iconic styles, including the notoriously pointy bullet bras of the 1950s.

For the past 75+ years, we’ve proudly helped women boost their bust lines with additional lifting and shaping. Since that day, our team has dedicated ourselves to constantly improving and modernizing our push up bras so that every woman feels confident, sexy, and comfortable in her skin.

finding The best push up bra

When it comes to your bust, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the shape of your breasts, your bust goals, and the outfit you’re wearing over your bra—you’ll want to find a push up that checks all of your boxes.

Let’s break down a few of the different kinds of push up bras. From tried and true classics to bras that bring a little something extra to the table:

Strapless push up bras

Wearing a slinky strapless number but still want to make sure the girls are looking lifted? Strapless push up bras provide exceptional lift and shaping for when straps are a no-go. Perfect for a sleek and seamless look, without sacrificing structure or support.

Looking for a push up that does it all? A convertible push up may be the pick for you. It includes removable straps, making it a versatile pick for any outfit with or without sleeves. 


Plus-Size Push Up bras

Push up bras aren’t only for the small-busted girlies. There’s a push up for every bust and body type, including our plus-sized babes. Whether you’re looking for a larger band size, cup size, or both, plus-sized push up bras provide gorgeous lifting, shaping, and necessary support for curvier body types. 


Balconette Push Up Bras

For a push up bra with a pin-up vibe, look no further than balconette push up bras. They’re the perfect combination of style and function. With shallow cups and wide-set straps, they add an elegant, vintage-inspired vibe to your lingerie look. Not only is a balconette’s unique cut aesthetically they allow you to show off more cleavage and are perfect for tops with lower cuts and wider necklines.

Balconettes offer support from the bottom, making them perfect for those who prefer a vertical push to their push up bra.


Plunge Push Up Bras

It’s all in the name. Plunge push up bras are perfect for—you guessed it—plunging necklines. Plunge push ups allow you to show off more cleavage than a standard push up due to their deep V neckline. Another bonus of plunge push ups? Their angular cut provides horizontal support, pushing your breasts toward the center for a dramatic shape that will make your bust the star of any deep-neckline look. 


Extreme Push Up Bras

There are push up bras, and then there are extreme push up bras. Frederick’s fan-favorite, the  Exxtreme Push Up Bra, provides next-level lift. Because sometimes, more is more when it comes to your bustline.

Our Hollywood Exxtreme push up bras provide maximum lift and are perfect for glam and sultry lingerie looks, but comfy enough to wear under your favorite tee.


Find the Push Up Bra For You

Ready to find your new favorite push up bra? Explore Frederick’s diverse collection of push ups, from vintage-inspired balconette bras to stunning lace push up bras and everything in-between. 

Our push ups have come a long way since their invention in 1947, but our dedication to providing women of every shape, size, and background with bras that make them feel their sexiest has stayed the same.

Remember: finding the perfect bra for you starts with finding the perfect bra size. Measure yourself using our bra size guide and never measure yourself while wearing a bra or push up bra. 

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