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Your Faves in Frederick's: Cardi B in Rising Star

Bold, daring, and undeniably sexy. These words might come to mind when you think of Frederick's of Hollywood. They also perfectly describe legendary rapper and fashion force, Cardi B. 

This year, for her birthday, Cardi recruited none other than  Frederick's of Hollywood Creative Director, Candice Cuoco to design a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind birthday gown.

This look, styled by Kollin Carter, featured a lavish, structured dress constructed in satin and lace, this look was lovingly customized with the rapper's signature bombshell figure in mind, and featured our iconic Petra Rising Star bra in red.

Learn more about Candice's process and how Frederick's of Hollywood's signature silhouettes helped create a truly unforgettable birthday ensemble for the one and only Cardi B. 

Our Rising Star Push-Up Bras

One of the most notable features of this sultry, Scorpio-approved look is its sculpted silhouette. The bodice of this dress was carefully crafted to frame, lift, and highlight the bust. 

For that dramatically lifted look, Candice implemented Frederick's of Hollywood's signature Rising Star Plunge Push-Up. Frederick's Rising Star Push-Up bras are a classic for a reason, giving busts of all shapes and sizes an unbeatable boost. 

You can find the Rising Star fit in a range of Frederick's, including our best-selling Rising Star Plunge Push-Up bras, and additional silhouettes like bodysuits and bustiers. 

Love Cardi's bold red look? Be sure to keep an eye out for new colors of the iconic Rising Star Plunge Push-Up. 

Image by Frank Vasquez

Behind-the-Scenes with Candice Cuoco

This one-of-a-kind garment was the vision of Frederick's of Hollywood's own Candice Cuoco, who designed, sewed, and constructed the gorgeous red gown. 

Like all Frederick's lingerie, this piece was specifically designed with a woman's curves in mind—built to accentuate, smooth, and highlight all the right places. In addition to the iconic shape of our Rising Star Plunge Push-Up Bras, the side construction of this dress features delicate lace paneling to create an unapologetically sexy effect with a hint of coverage. 

Although the majority of the dress is skin-tight to show off Cardi's legendary curves, the voluminous train adds the right amount of glamour and drama, for the princess vibe that every birthday girl deserves. 

Cardi B throwing hands in the air, wearing a custom red lace and satin gown by Candice Cuoco.

Image by Frank Vasquez

It's All in the Details

What makes the Rising Star Plunge silhouette, well…a star, is its dramatic lifting effect. Like all push-up bras, the Rising Star features padded cups and supportive underwire to add volume and structure to the bust.

However, Frederick's Rising Star Plunge push-up bras feature a dramatically plunging neckline that introduces endless wearing opportunities while showing off your gorgeously sculpted bust more than traditional push-up bras.

Oftentimes, push-up bras get a bad rep for being uncomfortable or digging into the wearer's curves. At Frederick's, our Rising Star Plunge Push-Up features a specially engineered, flexible underwire to bring softness without sacrificing structure. Perfect for dancing the night away at a birthday party.

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Push-up bras 101: The history of Frederick's

Vintage catalogue clipping of a Frederick

Long before we released the Rising Star Plunge Push-Up Bras, Frederick's of Hollywood had long been a legend in the push-up bra game. 

In fact, our love affair with push-up bras goes as far back as 1947. That's the year in which Frederick's of Hollywood founder, Frederick Mellinger, is credited with  inventing the very first push-up bra. 

That push-up bra's name? The Rising Star. We've stayed true to its signature lifting style, while adding updates and improvements for the modern lingerie lover. The original Rising Star was created as an ode to the fuller-figured Hollywood starlets of the era, and echos our long legacy of creating push-up bras for stars, celebs, and Frederick's fans of all sizes and shapes.

With decades of experience in the bra game, Frederick's offers a range of expertly crafted, intelligently designed, widely popular push-up bras

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Push-up bras and more

Found the perfect push-up bras, but not sure how to your perfect fit? Check out our Fit Guides to find the perfect push-up bras for your gorgeous figure. 

Looking to find your own signature Frederick's style? In addition to our iconic push-up bras, Frederick's offers an expansive range of bras, panties, lingerie pieces, and more. 

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