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The Garden of Dahlia

At the intersection of florals, desire, and lingerie lies a captivating world of sensuality and self-expression, perfectly embodied by Frederick’s of Hollywood. Like the delicate petals of a flower, our Dahlia lingerie collection delicately weaves together the beauty of nature and the magnetic pull of desire.

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Just as flowers symbolize love and passion, Frederick’s of Hollywood Dahlia collection perfectly adorned with floral motifs evokes a mesmerizing allure. Each intricate lace pattern and vibrant floral lingerie piece celebrates the art of desire, encouraging individuals to embrace their sensuality with confidence and grace.

Dahlia invites you to explore the depths of your desires, immersing yourself in a garden of intimate possibilities. Frederick’s of Hollywood merges the timeless elegance of floral aesthetics with the exhilarating world of lingerie, empowering you to embrace your unique journey of self-discovery and unleash your inner sensuality with our alluring Dahlia pieces.

Let the connection between florals, desire, and lingerie become a catalyst for your most intimate and empowered self, with Frederick’s of Hollywood as your guide on this enchanting path of exploration.

Dahlia Teddy

SULTRY TIDBIT: Due to its linking to sexuality, in Ancient Greece and China, the flowers were eaten because they were believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. So grab your flowers and Dahlia lingerie and let your passions take control.


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