How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Your Partner

There’s no better gift than buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or partner. Whether you’re hoping to surprise her with a naughty birthday gift or want to treat her to a sneaky anniversary surprise, lingerie can be a fun and flirty gift that you’ll both enjoy. Who says you even need an occasion? If you’re looking to simply brighten her day or spice things up in the bedroom then lingerie is an intimate and personal gift that she’ll love to receive, if you understand the assignment. 

Gifting lingerie isn’t without its risks, but the rewards of getting this gift right can be great. Unsure where to start? This guide is for you! We’ve compiled all the best tips and tricks to help you buy lingerie for your lover the right way - get it wrong and risk a night on the couch! Here are our 7 handy tips to buying lingerie for your partner to make their day...and night!

understand her taste

check her taste in clothing

Her taste in clothing is a good indicator of her style. 

Does she have more of a feminine, delicate flair? Think florals, light colors, blouses and dresses - then maybe a lace babydoll and matching robe will be the perfect pairing? 

Or is she edgy and cool? - Think jeans, leather jackets and boots? Perhaps a sexy sheer mesh teddy will rock her world. 

If she loves cutesy pinks with flowers, buying her a black leather look corset probably isn’t the right move.

choose a color she likes to wear

Look at her lingerie drawer - is it bright and colorful or black and sexy? This is your guiding light to make the right choice.

look at her current lingerie style

Does she wear racy red lingerie in the bedroom? Does she go for matching sets or one pieces? Looking for a variation of something she already likes and wears may point you in the right direction.

if in doubt, go for black lingerie

Universally the most popular color, black lace is flattering on every figure and always a sexy yet classy choice.

get her size right

This is the cause of stress for many when shopping for a partner. Buy a size too small and she may be uncomfortable, too big and it won’t hug her curves and she may be offended. Thankfully there are simple solutions to help overcome this hurdle and get you in the good books. 

The first thing you need to know is that there are a couple of different measurements involved when buying lingerie.

When it comes to women’s lingerie there are cup sizes, underbust measurements, waist, hip, and bottom sizes.

To find out her size you can:

check her current lingerie

Check her bra for size details. A bra is made up of 2 measurements, a band, and a cup size and you’ll need to know both for a successful purchase. You should see two numbers and 1-3 letters (e.g. 32A, 36DD, 42DDD). The number indicates the measurement in inches of her underbust and the letter gives the size of the cup. 

Check a couple of these if you can so you are certain you have the right size. If you know where you will be shopping for lingerie (ahem, Frederick’s of Hollywood) then look for lingerie of the same brand if possible.

check her clothing

The same process of checking her current bras can be applied to other lingerie items such as panties, teddies, and chemises by establishing what size tops and bottoms she typically wears. Here you are more likely to see a different measurement to that of bras, this usually being the dress size (e.g. Small – 4X).

ask her friends

If you’re lucky enough to know her friends well and want the gift to go down a treat, ask her friends for her size. Who knows, maybe they’ll have some helpful suggestions on what to buy too?

use the size guide

Happen to know her measurements or want to cross-check the brand you are buying with her existing pieces? A size guide can be a big help. Check out our handy size guide as a great reference tool to get you started.

ask her

If the element of surprise is less important to you, then ask her for her size. Tell her that you want to surprise her with a naughty or sexy gift and you’d love it to fit comfortably. The sense of anticipation can be quite exciting for her and you eliminate the awkwardness of purchasing the wrong size. 

Take your time choosing lingerie for gifting

Lingerie shouldn’t be a gift you buy in a hurry! It takes a bit of prep (understanding her size and tastes) and time to look around to find a gift she’ll love. Don’t rush it! Take your time browsing and you’ll feel more confident in your purchase.

choosing the right type of lingerie

Once you’ve done your homework and understand how to buy lingerie for your partner that fits perfectly and is guaranteed to please, then the fun really begins, as you can start shopping for your lover. But where to start when there are so many delicious styles of lingerie to choose from? Here’s a breakdown of some great options to set you on the right path:

lingerie sets

The most innocent, yet flirty gift, a matching lingerie set is a bra and underwear set that’s delightful when worn together. You’ll need to know her size but prepare to be rewarded for your due diligence. 

Bras and panties are sexy on their own, but why not complete the look with stockings or a garter belt? You could buy a sexy robe to go with the lingerie, or even treat her to a nice set of heels to finish the outfit!


One-piece wonders that bring the fun and are a great way to add something a little different to the mix. Teddies and bodysuits are flattering as they hug the figure and enhance the shape while offering support. 

Teddies are not just flattering, but fun and sexy in any size. They are also super versatile and can be styled with high waisted jeans for a sexy retro look. 

Top tip: Read the reviews! Reviews can give you helpful advice about sizing and how others have felt wearing certain pieces.


No ordinary nightgown, babydolls are the mini dress made for the bedroom. Not as figure-hugging as Chemises but perfect for those who want something sweet yet sexy.


Form-fitting and flirty, chemises are charming and make a great gift. 

Try something elegant and feminine like the Aspen Mae Satin and Lace Chemise for a gift that’s sure to please and tease. Want to take a walk on the wild side? Check out the Minx chemise; it's perfect for those who love showing off their best ass-et.

erotic lingerie

Have an already spicy love life? Roll play lingerie is the perfect gift for the wild one in your relationship. Bold styles for those with body confidence for days!

still unsure? shop for lingerie together

Asking her what she likes may just be the invitation she’s been waiting for. And you don’t even have to leave the bedroom. Browsing together or sending each other pictures of lingerie you’re thinking of buying her can be super erotic. Have a cosy night at home together choosing your favorites.

remember, it's not about you!

Yes, lingerie for your lover is a gift for you too but focusing on your preferences over hers is sure to end badly. Think about her and what she would like more than you think about yourself when buying lingerie. The more comfortable and confident she is in lingerie, the more enjoyment you’ll both get out of your carefully selected gift. 

Practice makes perfect. The more you buy lingerie the more you’ll know her tastes and the more confident you’ll feel purchasing lingerie for those special occasions.

The right way to give her the gift of lingerie

You’ve made your selection and it’s arrived at your door. Don’t just hand it to her. Find a cute way to gift it to her, either in a box or a gift bag with a sweet card is a nice touch. 

Remember to give the gift at home too! This is one gift that won’t go down too well in a public setting like a restaurant with strangers around or in front of friends and family.

Give the gift of a good time with Fredericks

So, there you have it! The ultimate guide on how to shop lingerie for your No.1. We hope you feel prepped and ready to find the gift that will keep on giving. Put your knowledge to the test and shop our entire lingerie range now.

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