Social Responsibility

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Website Disclosure Statement

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  • 1. Verification Process

    Frederick’s will verify its product supply chains to evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and slavery using internal resources, or, where appropriate or feasible, independent third parties.
  • 2.  Audit Process

    Frederick’s reserves the right to audit its suppliers to evaluate their compliance with Frederick’s policies and procedures including at times, where appropriate or feasible, through unannounced independent third party visits, and will exercise this right in appropriate circumstances.
  • 3. Certification Process

    Frederick’s maintains a Supplier Code of Conduct to which it requires its suppliers to adhere. Frederick’s requires its direct suppliers to certify that their products are made in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding human trafficking and slavery. To access Frederick’s Supplier Code of Conduct, click here.

  • 4. Accountability Standards

    Although Frederick’s does not directly manufacture its own products and instead engages third party suppliers, Frederick’s maintains general internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and contractors failing to meet company standards regarding human trafficking and slavery. To access Frederick’s Code of Ethics, click here.

  • 5. Training

    Frederick’s provides training on human trafficking and slavery to its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, particularly with respect to mitigating risks within the supply chain of products.

A supplier’s failure to meet Frederick’s expectations will result in required corrective action, cancellation of purchase order(s), and/or termination of the business relationship. Employees who violate the spirit or letter of Frederick’s policies will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.