ALL Flaunt It Dirty Laundry Lingerie 101
8 Unexpected Ways to Undress

Here at Fredericks, not only are we passionate about sexy, beautiful lingerie, we are passionate about passion. And while jaw-dropping lingerie is the key ingredient in any passionate encounter, gone are the days where you reveal your sexy garments only for them to be whipped off a few seconds later.

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Naughty Nights Ahead - 10 Must Have Lingerie Pieces for a Sexy Night's Sleep

Who says sleepwear can’t be sexy? At Frederick's, we believe that sexy lingerie is for everyone and any time of the day, even when we're sleeping! We are going to take you through 10 super sexy sleepwear options for outfits you can wear in the bedroom! From sexy pajamas, kimonos and robes to teddies and chemises, the choices are endless. Let’s dive in.

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Ultimate Guide To Women’s Bra Styles

Bras are what we do best here at Frederick’s of Hollywood! Did you know our founder was the inventor of the original push-up bra?  Bras play an important role in lifting and supporting your breasts and enhancing the appearance of your outfit.

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5 Bras Every Woman Needs To Own

Here at Frederick’s of Hollywood, bras are what we do best! So trust us when we say we have the perfect bra to support every babe and her ultimate prized possessions. We know how important it is to have the perfect bra for every occasion, and with so many options, styles, colors, and shapes out there it can quickly become overwhelming.

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Your Favorite Lingerie - Thanks to Fredericks of Hollywood

From foxy Black Lingerie and playful Push-ups to tantalizing Thongs and Crotchless knickers - there are certain items that never fail to boost our confidence and help us to exude our sexuality in a mischievous, provocative, or sensual way. But many of our favorite go-to pieces that we know and love, wouldn’t have been popular without the help of Frederick Mellinger - the creator of ‘Frederick’s of Hollywood’. 

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Plus Size Lingerie Picks To Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

Having confidence and feeling sexy in your own skin is the key to a good time in the bedroom. Confidence can come more easily to some, but finding that perfect outfit that gives you life can go a long way! The same is true when it comes to lingerie, whether you’re petite, plus size, or somewhere in between.

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