8 Unexpected Ways To Undress

8 Unexpected Ways To Undress

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How to Wash and Care for your Lingerie & Intimates

Taking proper care of your lingerie and intimates is vital to keep them looking fresh, fitting correctly and in a wearable condition for longer. Not to mention fresh and clean lingerie gives you more confidence for all your “streets to the sheets” activities! Caring for your lingerie the right way isn’t as overwhelming as you may think. To help, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to keeping your bras, panties and other undergarments looking sexy and irresistible.

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5 Reasons To Wear Crotchless Panties

Ever wondered what all the hype is with crotchless panties? Or what they even are? At Frederick’s of Hollywood, we love a crotchless panty, and so do our customers - they're one of our best selling styles! 

Curious about whether crotchless panties are right for you? Take a look at our top reasons for wearing them and discover this sexy, stylish and surprisingly comfortable addition to your lingerie drawer.

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How To Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Partner


There’s no better gift than buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or partner. Whether you’re hoping to surprise her with a naughty birthday gift or want to treat her to a sneaky anniversary surprise, lingerie can be a fun and flirty gift that you’ll both enjoy. Who says you even need an occasion? If you’re looking to simply brighten her day or spice things up in the bedroom then lingerie is an intimate and personal gift that she’ll love to receive, if you understand the assignment. 

Gifting lingerie isn’t without its risks, but the rewards of getting this gift right can be great. Unsure where to start? This guide is for you! We’ve compiled all the best tips and tricks to help you buy lingerie for your lover the right way - get it wrong and risk a night on the couch!  Here are our 7 handy tips to buying lingerie for your partner to make their day...and night!

Here at Fredericks, not only are we passionate about sexy, beautiful lingerie, we are passionate about passion. And while jaw-dropping lingerie is the key ingredient in any passionate encounter, gone are the days where you reveal your sexy garments only for them to be whipped off a few seconds later. 
This is our guide to the most unexpected and tantalising ways to undress so that you can surprise, seduce and delight on your next date night.

1. Slip out of Stockings


You might be asking yourself “why are stockings so sexy?” It’s all about the reveal!  Stockings draw the eye up from toes to thighs and help to smooth and enhance the shape of your legs.  Plus they feel silky smooth to the touch - who wouldn’t love the feel of a stockinged toe slipping unexpectedly up their trouser leg?
Stockings have a long history in womens lingerie, but lucky for us, have come a long way in terms of comfort, durability and style.
For the more conservative ladies, wear them under something prim, allowing your partner to admire the hint of sheen and maybe a flash of stocking top. It’s a fun surprise at the end of the date night, and most of our styles don’t need to be removed when the fun starts!.
If you’re feeling bold, grab yourself some erotic thigh-highs and take centre stage.  There are many options to choose from:

2. Add a Garter Belt to tease and please


Add a garter belt (also known as a suspender) with matching lingerie for top-to-toe sex appeal!  A crowd favourite, the garter belt takes sexy lingerie up a gear by cinching in at your waist and adding a flattering layer to your look.

Garter belts and stockings really do complete a lingerie set, especially if you’re after that Hollywood glamour look with a touch of class.  But classy in the streets, doesn’t have to mean prim in the sheets.  Our hot tip is to pair your garter belt and stockings with a pair of crotchless panties so you get the full look without needing to hit the brakes while you undress.

Remember to pause as you enter the bedroom so your partner can appreciate the full head-to-toe look, and give them the slowest, sultriest of twirls.  

3.Put on a show with Nipple Covers

nipple covers
What’s life without a little fun and surprise, especially in the bedroom?  If you’ve ever watched Moulin Rouge or fantasised about starring in your own burlesque show, fun nipple covers might be just the accessory you never knew you needed.  
Nipple covers stick on to the nipple with gentle, easy-to-remove adhesive. You can wear them under your lingerie, for the final layer of unwrapping, or wear them with nothing else at all and guarantee a happy response in the bedroom. 
Nipple covers or “pasties” are the go-to for celebrities and festival goers looking to get attention and finish off a sexy outfit.  We have a fun, sexy range of nipple covers including starsflowers and bunny rabbits.

4. Play dress up in Roleplay Costumes


Give your special someone a night to remember and play dress up when dressing down. Our sexy role-play costumes are designed to make those fantasies a reality.
When it comes to undressing and revealing your costume there’s a number of ways you can approach it.  The simplest is a quick trip to the bathroom to “slip into something more comfortable” - then make your partner’s jaw hit the floor with something completely unexpected.
Another favourite is to put a trench coat or robe over your costume, for an in-room reveal of whatever naughty character you choose.
Most of our outfits can also be worn as sexy costumes for Halloween or any other dress-up occasion.  Do you picture yourself as a sexy cheerleader, a hot nurse or a feisty pussy cat?  Channel your secret desires into some sexy role-play, and don’t forget to add your own props for the full fantasy effect.

5. Access all areas with Crotchless Panties

Access all areas w crotchless panties


Ready to take your lingerie game to the next level? Try out our crotchless panties on your next date night. These guarantee you can keep your lingerie on all night long, whatever sexy activities the evening brings!
Tell your lover you’re wearing them and let the anticipation build.  Not sure if crotchless panties are for you? Read our 5 top reasons to give crotchless panties a go.
At Frederick’s of Hollywood, we have everything from lace to leather crotchless panties.  Check out our customer favourite, theKandy Lee Crotchless Thong. 

6. Keep it under wraps with Robes & Kimonos

robes & kimonos


Sometimes the art of undressing is also about what you’re taking off. A hint of mystery lets the anticipation build and will leave your lover wondering- what is she wearing under there??
It’s especially exciting if the answer is nothing at all! Robes are also a great confidence booster for those of us who are a little shy in the bedroom. You can remain all wrapped up, only to slip it off when you’re feeling ready for fun. 
Showing a suggestion of the shape of a buttock or the dimple of a nipple will leave your partner begging for more. But why let them have all the fun? Enhance your own pleasure with the feel of satiny smooth fabric against your skin.
Explore our satin and lace kimonos and their matching chemises and babydolls.

7. Go bold with Bodystockings


By now you’ve already understood the sex appeal of stockings and hosiery. But have you ever considered a full bodystocking as a feast for the eyes? This is the ultimate finale to a sensuous striptease. Start by slipping out of your shoes, and unwrapping or stepping out of your dress to reveal the full length of your sheer but shapely bodystocking.
Available in short and sweet chemises, bodysuits and full-length body stockings, this garment reveals just enough flesh covered by delicate mesh or lace. Also available in strappy, crotchless and open-cup styles, body stockings are sure to leave you both breathless. 

8. Lace up for love in a Corset

lace up


One of the best ways to accentuate those stunning curves is with the help of a flattering corset. Delight your lover with this sexy surprise when you are undressing, and enjoy the moments of tingling anticipation as they remove it...one hook at a time.  
Can’t wait that long? Make getting in and out super fast with one of our zipper corsets.
Our Hollywood Dream Waist Cincher flatters your curves, covers your waist and exposes your breasts, so you can bare it all or match with your favourite sexy bra
Many of our corsets, like the stunning Natalie Rose, also come with a matching mini G-string, the perfect accessory that leaves little to the imagination.

Make it your hottest-ever date night with Fredericks

We hope you found our guide to undressing inspiring and exciting. Whether you’re stripping down to a bodystocking, slowly unlacing a corset, or letting your lover discover your nipple covers or crotchless panties, we have the sexiest lingerie options to tease and tantalise.
While all of our products are designed to enhance your confidence and sensuality, shop our ultra-sexy range delivers that little bit extra for you and your lover now.  

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