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In 1946, Frederick came to Hollywood
Or shall we say, a man named Frederick Mellinger founded Frederick’s of Hollywood and a legend was born. Mellinger believed that incredible lingerie could make a woman feel beautiful—from the inside out.

More than fifty years later, the company is still the leading trendsetter in intimate apparel and has earned a renowned reputation for flattering women of all sizes with its sexy signature styles. Frederick’s found success in creating lingerie that is sexy, fresh and sophisticated.

A new star on Hollywood Boulevard
When Frederick Mellinger set out to create lingerie that made women beautiful, suddenly unmentionables were worth mentioning. Introducing little black underthings to the United States may have raised a few eyebrows with the American public, but it was a smash with many a glamorous Hollywood actress—the ones women worshipped as their style icons.

After the opening of the first Frederick’s of Hollywood store in 1947, the same Tinseltown stars who graced America’s big screens and magazines came to rely on Frederick’s for the sexy glamour that embodied the Hollywood lifestyle.