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How To Measure

It's easy! Here's the way to find the perfect size.

  • #1 Band size

    Wrap a soft measuring tape around your ribcage, just under your bust. This number is your band size. For the best results, measure yourself wearing an unlined or lightly lined bra.

    Pro Tip: If the number is odd, round up to the next even number.

  • #2 Bust size

    Measuring around the fullest part of your bust, making sure the tape is lying flat against your back. This is your bust measurement.

    Pro Tip: If the measurement falls on a 1/2 inch, round up to the next number.


Your bra size is

Your Sister Size

Is there only one perfect bra size? No. As long as the "cup volume" stays the same, a sister size may be just as fitting.
If you are wearing a , try a or a .
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When to replace:

Is your bra more than six months old? Are you on the loosest hook? Time to go shopping!
Perfect Care:

Wash by hand in a mild soap. Lie flat to dry (the dryer is your enemy). Store stacked and lying down in a drawer so you’ll see your entire bra wardrobe at a glance.
Get Fitted:

Use our bra calculator above or ask one of our in-store experts to fit you. Fit is the key to comfort and awe-inspiring cleavage.Find a store.
How to place a bra:

To create the best fit possible, bend over before you fasten your bra. The front and back of the band should be parallel when you stand up. If the band is riding up, the straps are too tight.
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